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White Chili Chicken Recipe
From Our Chili Cook Off

The following White Chili Chicken Recipe was a big hit at our Chili Cook Off. Here is the Recipe for you White Chili Chicken Lovers...

You can put it all in a crock pot and let it cook slowly for approximately 4-6 hours depending on the temperature of your crock pot.

Here is the faster and my modified version. (To save time.)

I pre-cooked and diced my chicken. I used a partial sprinkling of the dry chili mix (I do not like a lot of spice)I used half to three quarters of the dry ranch mix.

I put it all together in a pan and stirred occasionally until the brick of cheese was melted. I thought it needed more flavoring so I added two more bricks of cream cheese and then added a few tablespoons of sugar to taste.

If you like a lot of spice, use all the dry chili packet and use a spicier tomato.

I used the lower fat content cream cheese and it worked well.

If you want the chili to have a thinner broth, just add a little of the chicken broth from the cooked chicken or a little bit of milk.

It goes good with the white flour tortilla chips.

Make it, Enjoy it, have Fun with it and Share it.